Finishing School Handwriting

Sometimes an unexpected rush job during the height 
of wedding season comes along and there is just simply 
no time for classic calligraphy. A solution for a local bride 
turned out to be my "Finishing School Handwriting" 
(very similar to American Cursive, but with European 
twist to it -- a style I learned from nuns who taught at a 
"finishing school" in Rome, thus the name). I am blessed 
to own two beautiful Mont Blanc pens and use them 
for this elegant alternative to calligraphy. 
I prefer calligraphy, but this will do 
in a pinch for a rush job!

These will be delivered by hand. 

Fabriano Medieovalis large envelopes from Italy 
with Fintec gold and Norton Walnut ink. 
The old world elegance and style are easily adapted 
to other formal events, including formal weddings.